About AABC

Asian Aging Business Center (AABC) is a non-profit organization for promoting international exchange programs on population aging. It is located in Fukuoka-city. AABC was established in 2007. Academic Researchers, Managers of Facilities for the Elderly, Policy makers, and Community Leaders are participating in AABC, and challenging on planning for population aging. AABC supports the age-friendly community plan for Fukuoka-city, and its idea was extended for foreign visitors to find facts of health/social services, and facilities for the elderly entitled as Fukuoka Aging Open Museum Plan. Now, many Korean visitors inspect and have practical training for long-term care services in Fukuoka-city with the AABC's support.

AABC started a program of human capital development for international long-term care which is preparing for the worldwide migration of care workers. For sharing Japanese experiences with Asian and Pacific people, AABC will develop the multi-lingual terminology of services and facilities for older persons.

AABC will take responsibilities on the Japanese behalf of the Active Aging Conference in Asia Pacific(ACAP),and propose to establish activating programs of age-friendly businesses and public policies.